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PortSIP Softphone Configuration


This article helps you to configure a SIP Device from your PBX to the PortSIP Softphone that can be used on a Microsoft Windows Desktop or iOS and Android Mobile Phones.

Please note this is a third-party mobile app.


Configure SIP device with PortSIP

1. Download the appropriate version for your device from the PortSIP website

2. Enter the SIP details from your VoIPline customer portal into the PortSIP App. 

Copy in Customer Portal

Paste in PortSIP App

SIP Login


SIP password Password
SIP server SIP Domain

Please note that you must enter the port number at the end of the SIP server address using a colon and then the port number.


3. Tap "Advanced" and copy the Domain into the outbound proxy field. Choose "TCP" Then go back to the login screen and press sign in.

Display as will be the caller information you see on an incoming call

For iOS settings, click here


If all the details are entered correctly, the device should appear online now in the PBX

Device info.png


Allow app permissions (Android)

Now the app is online and connected, there are some settings to enable which will allow the app to run in the background. This ensures the app receives calls even if running in the background. Navigate to the Settings -> Advanced section.

portsip advanced.png

PortSIP iOS Configuration

In the iOS advanced settings, enable Allow VoIP Calls

Choose TCP transport mode

Go back and choose Sign in

PortSIP iOS.png

 Now you have registered the account, go to settings then preferences

portsip settings iOS.png

Enable Force Background setting

PortSIP advanced iOS.png






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