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2.1.0 Update

  • Introducing a new service: ‘Call recording storage’. ‘Order services’ tab > Call recordings.
    • Call recording storage can be configured individually for each 'User' object in the PBX, as well as for each 'Call recording' and 'Conference' objects.
    • For users, you can set whether all incoming or outgoing calls will be recorded, or only those when the user himself or herself wants to record a call or part of a call.
    • Call recordings can be conveniently searched by a variety of parameters: type of object or call, who or where the call was made, and in what time period — ‘Reports’ tab > Call recordings.
    • If the user has the Webphone set up, he or she can listen to their own call recordings from the call history.
    • The pricing for cloud storage is configurable and can be changed at any time, and to avoid overpaying, you can set up automatic deletion of old recordings.
    • ‘Call recordings to email’ feature remains free of charge.
    • The new service may not be available to all customers. 

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  • Completely redesigned the daily reports to match the design of the customer portal.

  • Webphone. Enabled the 'Record' button during calls:
    • This button will be active for those users who have call recordings configured: to email or storage.
    • Pressing the button will simulate feature code #1, which starts recording from any moment in the conversation.
    • If a manual call recording is in progress and the button is pressed again, feature code #0 will be simulated, which ends all current call recordings.

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  • Changed the rules for creating the Webphone accounts. Now an email inviting you to create a password will be sent only when the 'User' object is saved and PBX configuration is applied. 
  • Updated the 'wrap up time' functionality in ‘Queue’ objects:
    • Previously, if an agent was involved in multiple queues, ‘wrap up time’ was not counted if the agent just finished a call in queue A and then immediately received a call from queue B. Now wrap up time works for all queues where the agent participates.

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