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2.0.7 Update

  • Introducing a new service called 'Voice generator by AI' (‘Order services’ tab > Voice artist > Voice generator by AI). Many objects in PBX require audio files to be uploaded, e.g: 'Announcement', 'Voice menu' and others. Previously, you had to record the audio yourself or hire an expensive voice artist. With the new service you can generate audio files on the fly at low cost, which will make PBX setup much easier and save your budget. Here are the main benefits of the new service:
    • A choice of a dozen languages and accents, several AI algorithms and voices, adjustment of voice speed and pitch. 
    • Free listening to an example with selected settings.
    • Instant audio file generation.
    • Generated files are stored in the account for 7 days.
      • Note: the new service may not be available to all customers.

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  • Reports' tab > Queue statistics —  added information about the users who answered calls from queues: the number of calls, as well as the average call duration and total duration. This information has also been added to the PDF report. 
    • Note: if you have many queues and need to see statistics about the users in a particular queue, select that queue in the filters. 
    • Also, the PDF report now shows all queues in the 'Calls by queue' table. Previously only the top 5 were displayed, even if there were more queues.

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