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Default Settings Configurations

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At the end of this article, you will have the ability to configure and define various features within your call flow located in the settings tab. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact our support department. 


Call flow settings


Login to the customer portal and select the settings options located in the PBX tab at the bottom-left corner. A window will generate displaying several options to optimise your call flow. In the preferences tab, you will be able to define the timezone where you reside in. Based on the timezone you have chosen, the reports and call recordings will be sent in accordance with your settings. Next, you have the possibility to import and export your call flow configuration to or from a different account. Finally, the reset call flow button allows you to roll back to the last configuration you have applied, which the date can be checked under the "Apply configuration" button.




Moving forward to the music on hold tab, this allows you to create music collections and upload different ring tones or songs. The music can then be configured in the queue, user and ring group objects. Please note, when uploading music to the PBX, you must convert the file to an 8000hz, 16-bit, mono WAV format only. We highly recommend reading our article for Preparing & Uploading Voice Prompts to PBX Announcements.




Next, the dial plan tab defines the rules that translate dialled phone numbers into an alternate format for purposes of call authorisation and call routing. By selecting the default dial plans you will be able to dial a number from your state without using the prefix and restrict dialling determined destinations. For further information, we recommend watching our tutorial video Create a Custom Dial Plan to Restrict Dialing Destinations on YouTube or reviewing our Restrict Dialing Destinations guide. 




Following that, the pickup group is a feature which allows you to pick up a call from another SIP device by dialling a predefined number. We recommend reading our Group Call Pickup knowledge-base article to configure a group call pickup.




Lastly, global webhooks can be configured to trigger various event types across the whole PBX.  Global webhooks are configured in settings in the Integrations tab. It is also possible to set an API gateway by configuring the requests following the instructions in the API section. For a detailed explanation, please check out our guide on Webhook Integration.



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